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The use of e-learning products helps increasing capacity, attaining standards and ensuring quality.

Why e-learning?

The impact of the current pandemic on the way people work and interact over the world, the difficult access to certain areas and the increased numbers and modalities of engagement of personnel (volunteers, local partners, community organizations) in humanitarian or development operations, makes the use of digital technologies and alternative ways to interact and communicate more necessary.

Why to adopt e-learning:

High Interactivity

Turning static content into an engaging and memorable learning experience creates interest among staff /final users, and allows achieving better results in learning key concepts and informations.

Connecting your staff around the world

Working in various contexts and countries of the work requires flexible structures and systems that allow to reach staff easily without necessarily to plan in presence activities.

Multi-device experience

Providing your users with courses that are fully compatible with all types of digital devices (desktops, tablets, smartphones) will allow you to reach as many people as you need and increase quality of your work.

Tracking of progresses

The continuous tracking of the users of your courses will allow you to evaluate their progresses, to implement the prerequisites and to activate gamification strategies to make your training offer increasingly attractive and effective.

Our services


  1. Definition of learning objectives together with the client organization
  2. Review of organizational material (i.e policies, guidelines, documents, tools etc)
  3. Elaboration of the content of the modules aligned with international standards and practices
  4. Joint design of tests and verification quizzes with validated techniques


  • We adapt the content and turn into interactive training modules.
  • Starting from the clients’ internal documents, policies, guidelines, operational tools, communication material or static presentations (PPT).


  • Interactive Learning experience design;
  • Storyflow design;
  • Design of the interface of the course;
  • Responsive design (for a better fruition of the courses on mobile devices);
  • Creation of Animations and quizzes;
  • Selection of videos/imagines and case studies jointly with client organization.

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