Basic courses

Our basic courses aim at providing the basic knowledge and the general managerial skills most demanded by the humanitarian sector. They are all structured with 5 to 6 weeks intensive in presence trainings and 3 months of internship within the hosting agencies, NGOs and other organizations.
All of them are meant as PROFESSIONAL COURSES providing basic knowledge and a general overview on the humanitarian scenario, key managerial competences requested by the position, the most utilized and widespread tools as well as the practical experience and some case studies that will allow the participant to be ready to work with a solid background and face the first working experiences in new and often complex settings.

Humanitarian Logistics Manager

Course content:
This course is directed to entry level positions willing to specialize in managing logistics in Humanitarian actions.
Logistics is essential for ensuring goods and services during an emergency or more in general in humanitarian assistance therefore this course aims to provide knowledge and capacities on the organization of the logistics as well as practical tools, case studies. Outdoor simulations and a three-month field internship in an international NGO or Humanitarian agency among the HumCap partners are also included, so to enable participants to become professional logistics managers.
The principal topics covered by the course are:
• The humanitarian scenario and the role of the logistics manager
• Project Cycle Management (PCM) and management of project logistics (administration, procurement and contracts, warehouse and inventory, reporting)
• Management of logistics bases (management of larger logistics bases and service to more than one project)
• Supply chain for different type of responses (Wash sector, food security, health, cash-based response)
• Transportation and fleet management
• Access to energy in humanitarian settings
• IT in humanitarian settings
• Risk and security management

This course will start during 2019. All details will be available at the beginning of 2019. Contact us (contact page) for further information or subscribe our newsletter for updates.

6 weeks class (in presence) + 3 months field

Milan- Italy


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